5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

5 Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can provide a very effective means for performing common dental procedures. It also happens to be incredibly safe. More and more dental practices are incorporating laser dentistry and it’s easy to see why—the benefits speak for themselves. Here are five benefits to consider if you’re curious about trying it!

1) It Minimizes Damage to Surrounding Tissue
Because of its precision, cuts are more conservative, leaving less damage to surrounding soft tissue. This also means less swelling after a procedure.

2) It Minimizes Bleeding
The high-energy beam of the laser helps to coagulate blood vessels during procedures, minimizing the amount of blood lost.

3) It Minimizes the Risk of Bacterial Infection
The beam of the laser also helps to sterilize the area being worked on, minimizing the risk of bacterial infections.

4) Many Procedures Using Laser Dentistry Will Not Require Anesthesia
Because dental lasers are designed to operate without heat, pressure, or constant vibration, many procedures can be performed completely pain-free—no anesthesia required!

5) Reduced Trauma to the Teeth Compared to Traditional Methods
Unlike high-speed drills, lasers do not cause occasional hairline cracks in the surface of the teeth during procedures. This minimizes the risk of future dental work resulting from these small fractures.

Laser dentistry can be used for everything from the treatment of periodontal disease to root canals and preparing cavities for fillings.

Visit our page on laser dentistry to see how it might work for you. Dr. Murdoch uses laser dentistry in his practice in Denver, Colorado.

June 21, 2017