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Dr. Murdoch and Staff~

I am eternally grateful for the hard work you and your staff donated for my new smile.  All of you have changed my life forever. God bless everyone there for making a miracle.

Dean A.

August 2018

As a patient of Dr. Murdoch’s for nearly 10 years, I can honestly say I’m a “lifer” to his team!  My first encounter with Dr. Murdoch was on his day off on a Sunday.  On Saturday evening while eating BBQ ribs, I broke a front tooth off!  On Sunday Morning  I scrambled to call a dentist who could do an “emergency” fix on my front tooth as I had a work presentation the following  Monday.  BINGO!  Dr. Murdoch answered the phone and met me at his office that day.  He fixed my tooth and I was good to go for the week ahead!  He could have easily not picked up the phone as I knew the Broncos were playing that afternoon!

Over the years I have gotten to know his staff, along with his wife Jan who is a valued member of his team.   The culture of Dr. Murdoch and his team speaks volumes!  They are definitely a family oriented practice who genially cares about their patients.  I am 52 years of age and can say that Dr. Murdoch and his team are the best Dentist practice ever!


June 2018

Dr. Murdoch:

I appreciated everything you did to help me look better than when I came in. I will always remember you and your kindness. May God bless you in all you do! Thank you!


Denver, April 2018


We just want to tell you how much we appreciate you. You are always so helpful and your customer service is the best! We appreciate you getting Bill in last week. You went the extra mile, calling the dentist’s office in Texas to get Bill’s records. You are the best and we are so happy to know you. Dr. Murdoch is also very professional and understanding. We always tell our friends about your office. Thank you Ann for all you do.

Bill and Joe

Denver, March 2018

I’ve only had two dentists in my life! Dr. Murdoch has been my dentist since 1985. I have moved out of state and back again and now drive over 100 miles to visit Dr. Murdoch for my dental needs. I will not give him up! There is no one I would trust with my dental care as much as Dr. Murdoch. I’ve also known Judy and Judy Ann, (Dr. Murdoch’s front office) for what seems a lifetime – these two ladies are just the BEST! No matter what my questions are or if I need to change an appointment they are always on top of things. I also enjoy the convenience of the South Holly office as I drive from Southern Colorado for my appointments now.

I’ve had a great deal of work done along with the regular care appointments and appreciate the entire team at the office, from the ladies who have done my cleanings to Jan, Dr. Murdoch’s assistant, who is always ready with a distraction when I get my numbing shots.

It feels like family there and they always seem to remember what you last spoke about and really care about how things are going for you. They also listen to me when I describe any issues I’m having, they show real concern for my overall health as well as explain my options in treatments/procedures and work to be sure things are the best for me. I appreciate that Dr. Murdoch stays up on the latest education, techniques and technology, yet he gives you the choice if you want to take advantage of the new things. I feel comfortable and at ease when I’m in the “chair” getting work done. I’ve always felt like they have taken the time to check out what might be wrong and to listen to me, and have never felt rushed or hurried through any appointment. I have only felt genuine compassion and concern.

People tell me often what a great smile I have, it would not be possible without the team at the office.

Thanks to Doc Murdoch and all the team at the office, I recommend you whenever I have the opportunity.


Canon City, March 2018

Dr. Murdoch and his staff are dedicated to their patients! Add to that his great skill administered with much care. My husband and I are glad we found Dr. Murdoch through a neighbor’s recommendation.


Parker, March 2018

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Murdoch’s for 28 years. He is unquestionably a terrifically experienced dentist, always professional and highly skilled. Dr. Murdoch and his team deliver exemplary service and they are all delightfully personable, very competent and truly dedicated to putting the needs of their patients above all else. Over the years we’ve had an occasional after-hour emergency—one occurring over the Thanksgiving weekend. Dr. Murdoch selflessly interrupted his holiday weekend to meet me at his office to tend to my issue. While we’ve changed our other doctors from time to time, we’ve NEVER changed dentists. I think that speaks for itself!


Aurora, March 2018

Dr. Murdoch is a perfectionist! I recently had Dr. Murdoch do some cosmetic dentistry on my front teeth. My teeth are now absolutely beautiful and I constantly receive compliments on my smile. I love to smile now and show off my beautiful teeth. Dr. Murdoch and his entire staff are caring, friendly and treat you like family. I highly recommend Dr. Murdoch and his team, Jan, Corinne, JudyAnn and Judy. They are all wonderful!


Centennial, March 2018

Dr. Murdoch & staff:

What can I say? You are the best! It’s no wonder I keep driving clear across town for you to take care of my family’s teeth. Thank you for all you do!


Thornton, May 2008

Dr. Murdoch:

Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job improving my smile. I had forgotten how much better you feel when you can smile with confidence. I only wish I had completed my implants and crowns sooner. You really have changed my life! Thank you!


Centennial, June 2007

Dr. Murdoch and Jan:

I have been to a lot of doctors. They were all nice, but I think the people in your office are GREAT! I have found a wonderful dentist!


Denver, 2007

Dr. Murdoch:

It is hard to put into words my appreciation for the wonderful work you did on my teeth. I have always been very comfortable knowing you were there to take care of my teeth. I have been so happy with the recent work you have done. I just have to thank you again and I am so glad you are my dentist. I will be your patient for as long as I can.


Denver, 2006

Thank you for the great work you did on my teeth.


Denver, 2007

I am so glad you are my dentist. After all the work you did today, I will be smiling a lot more!


Denver, November 2002

Dr. Murdoch:

Just a note letting you know I appreciate how you take care of my dental problems. You are very caring, thorough, gentle and fair. I also want to say how helpful and professional you, Jan and Judy are. You all make me feel very special. Thank you all for everything.


Lakewood, April 2001

Dr. Murdoch:

I just wanted to write this letter to say how pleased I am with Dr. Murdoch. I came to him with major problems, in my opinion. I had a previous dentist painfully destroy two of my teeth, and he didn’t even care that he was not able to numb the area first. Dr. Murdoch was very sensitive and attentive to my problem. He even used a plastic hook around my two sensitive teeth. He stated he would love to redo one of them that had a crown on it to see if he could correct the problem. He did state that it didn’t even look like it fit properly.

Well, time went by and Dr. Murdoch still catered to my needs over a period of about three years. Slowly, I gained confidence and assurance that Dr. Murdoch was able to fix the problem. He first did the tooth that just had a filling and found it was cracked underneath that filling. The tooth was completely restored. A week later, I let him redo my crown. That tooth was also cracked underneath the crown. He completely restored that one as well! And, he made sure he was able to numb the entire area the whole time he worked on it! I now have no sensitive teeth! I am completely back to normal!

I think Dr. Murdoch is the BEST dentist I have ever been to. His style is commendable! He took the time to gain my confidence first, which was really a task because of my previous experience. I had been dealing with these sensitive teeth for approximately six years!

He also took care in selecting the best staff of caring people I have ever seen! I am so happy I found Dr. Murdoch, and would very highly recommend him to anyone! He is awesome!


Littleton, 2002

Dr. Murdoch and staff:

Thank you for being there for me—every time I needed to call. I trust you and your staff. Your care is special!


Aurora, 2002